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Оставлю-ка я здесь ссылку на петицию с просьбой дать мультсериалу "Wander over Yonder" третий сезон


Wander Over Yonder is being wrapped up in June after season 2 finishes. Now it's not that the show's story arc has finished. It's creator Craig Mccracken has big plans and a solid story to further evolve WOY season 3. It's only being cancelled because the big bosses at Disney have deemed two seasons of 80 episodes to be enough. The WOY fan-base recently grew a lot due to the episode "My Fair Hatey" and the creator has stated that the shows cancellation is not due to it's popularity or anything. So why are the Disney bosses being so selfish?

Now I have seen many fans who are upset about this decision and also the Creator and the WOY crew. This happy go lucky cartoon has actually had a huge impact on some people's lives. I've seen many people state that this show has gotten them through dark times and acts as a crutch and comfort for them. Right now fans are actually being hit with bouts of depression over this show's cancellation. Their crutch and support is being torn from them without any warning. I am also one of those fans so I understand that feeling. We all need closure and one more season is all we're asking. WOY is finishing well before it's time. If we just get Season 3 approved, both the fans and the crew will get the closure they deserve. The show will wrap itself up and be able to finish on it's own terms and go out with a bang.

We know everything comes to an end but when there is just so much great potential for season 3 and so many fans who are willing to back it and the crew already having the plans in place, why not try to fight for it? The only people we need to convince are the Big Disney Bosses and Execs. We owe the WOY crew that much at least. As Wander always says "It Never Hurts To Help!"


Люди, этот мульт - маленькое сокровище в мире анимации. Пожалуйста, даже если вы его не смотрели, помогите ему продолжить существовать! И бегом смотреть, если есть желание, он намного лучше, чем может показаться на первый взгляд ;)

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